Better Code means Better Business

Quality Software Development is a new qualification from PEOPLECERT, developed in collaboration with the Software Improvement Group (SIG), to certify software developers that have the necessary skills to produce high quality code.

Who is it for?
The Quality Software Development certification is aimed at software developers who want to master the principles and processes defining maintainable, good quality code. This qualification enables professionals to provide organisations with a competitive advantage, allowing programmers to test and modify with ease and speed.

This certification is based on relevant needs within current industries and it was developed for developers, by developers. “This is a breakthrough in software development…there is no other qualification on writing quality code in the market today”, says Joost Visser, Head of Research and Development at SIG.

Certification levels

The qualification scheme comprises of two different levels of certification: Foundation and Advanced. The Foundation level offers an introduction to tools, techniques and guidelines on how to identify code that is hard to maintain, and teaches refactoring patterns that can achieve source code maintainability. The Advanced level is for team leaders of software development teams and it teaches ten best practices for getting the development process right, in order to consistently produce software of high quality.

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